Business Rich List 2019

Tuesday 26 February 2019

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Place (az) Name (az) Age (az) Sector Worth Progress
219William Wright and Family William Wright and Family Biography 91 Transport €70m (€72m 2018) -13
55Walter Beatty and Family Walter Beatty and Family Biography 85 Property €308m (€880m 2018) -36
234Vincent and Justin Carton Vincent and Justin Carton Biography Food €60m NEW
217Van Morrison Van Morrison Biography 73 Entertainment €72m (€68m 2018)
20U2 U2 Biography Entertainment €920m (€845m 2018) 1 (raise)
156Tony White Tony White Biography Internet and property €105m (€102m 2018) 1 (raise)
134Tony Barry and Family Tony Barry and Family Biography 58 Food €120m (€120m 2018) -7
102Tommy Kelly Tommy Kelly Biography 58 Technology €156m (€150m 2018)
37Tom Roche and family Tom Roche and family Biography 69 Construction €433m (€418m 2018) 1 (raise)
143Tom Morrisroe Tom Morrisroe Biography 54 Technology €116m (€110m 2018) -4
51Tom Eakin and Family Tom Eakin and Family Biography 85 Health €346m (€330m 2018) -1
75Tom Dreelan and Family Tom Dreelan and Family Biography 62 Industry €204m (€204m 2018) -4
165Tim O'Reilly Tim O'Reilly Biography 64 Media €100m NEW
43Tim Martin Tim Martin Biography 63 Pubs €402m (€462m 2018) -8
187Thomas McDonogh Thomas McDonogh Biography 83 Property €87m (€84m 2018) -2
180Thomas Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Biography 52 Property €92m (€91m 2018) -4
105The Stafford Family The Stafford Family Biography Retail €156m (€146m 2018) 2 (raise)
147The Smyth Family The Smyth Family Biography Retail €112m (€102m 2018) 9 (raise)
87The Sisk Family The Sisk Family Biography Construction €185m (€181m 2018) -2
60The Reihill Family The Reihill Family Biography Industry €291m (€203m 2018) 12 (raise)
59The Queally Family The Queally Family Biography Food €300m (€295m 2018)
149The O'Kane Family The O'Kane Family Biography Industry €110m (€105m 2018) 1 (raise)
89The Murphy Family The Murphy Family Biography Industry €184m (€181m 2018) -5
80The Moore Family The Moore Family Biography Technology €195m (€200m 2018) -3
1The Mistry Family The Mistry Family Biography Industry €16.1bn (€15.6bn 2018)
107The McMullan Family The McMullan Family Biography Energy €151m (€145m 2018) 2 (raise)
139The McKenna Family The McKenna Family Biography Retail €117m (€114m 2018) -6
119The McHugh Family The McHugh Family Biography Food €132m (€132m 2018) -3
128The McHale Family The McHale Family Biography Industry €125m (€120m 2018)
101The McCann Family The McCann Family Biography Food €156m (€155m 2018) -2
150The Mahony Family The Mahony Family Biography Retail €108m (€104m 2018) 1 (raise)
9The Lyons Family The Lyons Family Biography Inheritance €2bn (€3.5bn 2018) -4
160The Keeling Family The Keeling Family Biography Food €103m (€100m 2018) 3 (raise)
86The Keating Family The Keating Family Biography Food €185m (€182m 2018) -3
100The Hughes Family The Hughes Family Biography Retail €160m (€145m 2018) 8 (raise)
182The Hegarty Family The Hegarty Family Biography Construction €91m (€88m 2018)
31The Haughey Family The Haughey Family Biography Pharmaceuticals €498m (€468m 2018) 2 (raise)
228The Glennon Family The Glennon Family Biography Construction €65m (€69m 2018) -15
36The Flatley Family The Flatley Family Biography Inheritance €443m (€463m 2018) -2
13The Comer Brothers The Comer Brothers Biography Property €1.35bn (€1.25bn 2018) 2 (raise)
23The Cleary Family The Cleary Family Biography Inheritance €780m (€800m 2018)
225The Clancy Family The Clancy Family Biography Construction €69m (€71m 2018) -18
50The Byrne Family The Byrne Family Biography Inheritance, Property €347m NEW
40Terry Clune Terry Clune Biography 46 Finance €405m (€405m 2018) 1 (raise)
126Ted Kelly Ted Kelly Biography 73 Insurance €125m (€130m 2018) -9
28Stephen Vernon Stephen Vernon Biography 68 Property €516m (€501m 2018)
44Stephen O'Flaherty and Family Stephen O'Flaherty and Family Biography 57 Retail €400m (€350m 2018) 3 (raise)
96Sir Marc Cochrane Sir Marc Cochrane Biography 72 Finance €170m (€173m 2018) -6
66Sharon McMahon Sharon McMahon Biography 48 Retail €252m (€247m 2018) -1
213Shane Reihill Shane Reihill Biography 53 Finance €74m (€70m 2018) -5